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Introduction: Cultural-Historical Activity Theory and German-Scandinavian Critical Psychology, revitalizing a dialogue.
(Berlin) Till Manderbach

In this brief introduction I will lay out the idea beyond organizing this program: Fostering a dialogue of the German-Scandinavian tradition in Critical Psychology with international currents that build on Cultural-Historical Psychology, too. Although sharing the same roots, the reception of recent developments in Cultural-Historical Psychology within Critical Psychology has been limited and vice versa. The aim is to revitalize a dialogue in psychology and education that connects research and praxis with the struggle for societal transformation.will also provide an overview on the forthcoming days of talks and discussions and ways to participate.

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Till Manderbach,
Till Manderbach, MSc, studied Psychology in Klagenfurt, Austria. His master's thesis dealt with agency and political orientation in the context of social exclusion and right-wing populism. He is currently working in a project for adolescents and young adults with special needs at a social welfare facility in the area of Berlin, Germany.