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Building decolonial perspectives to develop transformative activist stances
Fernanda Coelho Liberali (PUCSP, São Paulo, Brasil/CNPq)

  In this presentation, I will discuss a decolonial perspective of education (Mignolo, 2002; Walsh, 2010; Maldonado-Torres, 2018) to create basis for the development of transformative activist stances (Stetsenko, 2017; 2020). Bearing in mind that “Good Living is the abundance that Earth provides as an expression of life itself” (Krenak, 2020, p. 17), I will present an insurgent school project Digitmed Program (2013- 2019), which was expanded after the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic with the creation of the Brincadas Project. The idea is to demonstrate how these two interconnected projects work in the development of a de-encapsulated perspective of curriculum that expands participants’ possibilities of engagement and transformation of realities beyond their immediate possibilities (Sannino, Engeström & Jokinem, 2021). In order to do this, I will introduce the praxiological perspective of the Engaged Multiliteracy (Liberali, 2020), a proposal for organizing the curriculum which aims at promoting “good living”  and is supported by Freirean and Vygotskian bases.

KEYWORDS: Engaged multiliteracy, Good Living, Freire, Vygotsky, decoloniality

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Fernanda Coelho Liberali ,
Fernanda Coelho Liberali is a teacher educator, researcher, and professor at the PUCSP. She holds a master's and a doctorate degree in Applied Linguistics and Language Studies from PUCSP, and three postdoctoral degrees from the University of Helsinki, the Free University of Berlin and Rutgers University. She is a Brazilian representative of the international committee of the International Symposium BILINGLATAM, an associate with Eastside Institute, a member of Global Network of the University of Leeds, the general coordinator of the Digitmed Program and the Brincada Project and co-founder of the Global Play Brigade.